Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Swallow Test & Eating Update

Blake had a follow up swallow test last week and the results were both good and bad. The good news is that he is doing excellent on liquids from honey-thick through purees to pudding-thick. The bad news is that he can no longer have thin liquids, including his absolute FAVORITE - Water. How sad! We tried thickening it this week but it was a no go. Somehow water looses its appeal when it is the consistency of slime - haha! He still gets it through the feeding tube and sneaks a few drops in the tub (I have to get video of that to share it is hilarious...he dips his fingers in and then licks off the water. Super gross but funny!) so no worries about deyhdration.

He has been a rock star at the feeding clinic though. He now gets two meals a day by mouth. We have made it through all kinds of fruits, pudding, yogurt and a few grains -yipee! But he is not a veggie fan. Looks like he has his mama's sweet tooth! Sweet potatoes, carrots & squash I can easily mix with the pudding to make a yummy (really) mix that he likes but I was at a loss with the green stuff. If any of you have picky eaters out there I learned a trick...mix them with applesauce or pureed pears!! It sounds quite discus ting but it seems to work. Today he had a vanilla,(since that is the flavor of his formula)applesauce, and peas shake. I would never have ordered it in a restaurant and could not believe it when he downed 4 oz - a new record!! When I tasted it it was surprisingly not that bad. Tomorrow we are going to try pears & green beans. Wish us luck!

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Chelsi said...

Yay for Blake ...and Co.:) You're right though, that shake sounds disgusting! :) Let me know when you're flying in for the holidays! Can't wait to see you. We might have to break from tradition and try somewhere other than IHOP though. :) Whatever you want!