Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So Blake started preschool on Monday. It is amazing what a difference 6 months can make because when we started talking about preschool around his birthday I thought there was NO way that he or I could take it! But as it turns out by the time all of the forms got approved and he actually started we were both more than ready :) Here is a photo montage of the morning:

8:00am - "Why Mom, why so early?" Haha - like Mama like son!

8:15am - All dressed, backpack packed, ready for photos. It took a few tries to get a smile, but well worth the wait. This picture might be one of my very favorites now!

8:20 - Bus is here! He was not quite sure about the lift.

8:23 - "Ok, this might be fun. I can see much more from here than in the Jetta!"

8:50 - Making the walk into the classroom with Miss Cathy.

9:05 - Settled in, ready for a day of play!

Miss Cathy said that he had an excellent first day and the bus attendants kept saying that this could not be his first day because they always cry on the first day. Not our Rock Star!! For his art activity he painted a pumpkin and it was so cute to see the blue and red paint stuck under his fingernails when he got home. I think the most suprising thing was that when he got off the bus at 12:30pm I thought for sure he would be asleep or close to it - not so! He was so wound up that it took me almost an hour to get him relaxed and ready for a nap. Such a Champ!

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Magen said...

Way to go Blake! (and good job Mom!) He looks so big with his backpack by the door! So cute! I hope he keeps enjoyinhg preschool!