Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Blake celebrated is 1st Birthday last week. He loved the Chocolate frosting on his cake and made sure that he got it EVERYWHERE! He says thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Shupe and Manning and Aunt Jill and Familes for all the rockn' gifts - although the wrapping paper and cards were his absolute favorite of course!
We are so amazed that we have had our little cutie guy for so long already! He has such a kind heart and funny personality. We are so blessed that he is such a trooper and has already overcome so much. He is so forgiving and never misses a chance to flirt - even with the nurses who just had to give him a poke! Bryan and I can't believe how much more we love him every single day. We are excited for all the cool stuff we will get to show him this next year!


Dianah said...

Happy late birthday, Blake! Love you!!

Rob and Amy said...

Can you believe how fast a year can fly by? Your little guy is SO cute! I can't believe he's had a haircut - so not fair. Tali has the same hair she was born with.