Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surgery Success

Last Friday we took Blake in for his G-tube surgery and Diaphragm scope. Normally the G-tube is combined with a Nissen to eliminate the reflux (as mentioned in an earlier post) but after researching we decided not to do it because in Blake's case it seemed it might cause more problems than it would fix - if anyone wants the details let me know. We were pretty nervous going into the surgery and the extra 3 hours of waiting did not help ease the tension but luckily once we got in it only took about an hour and a half. Everything went as planned with the G-tube placement and we had a small miracle with the diaphram scope. They were expecting to have to repair a hole based on the CT scan and MRIs, but when they got the camera in there (they did it through his belly button, how cool is that!) they could not see anything wrong. The surgeon even showed us some pictures that they took and everything looked healthy and perfectly intact. Amazing. They had marked his chest showing where the incision was going to be and we are so glad they did not have to use it - just look at the pic below and you will see why! We stayed in the hospital until Tuesday when we were able to get his feeds back up to the right level. He was so glad to get back home to his own bed! He slept most of the next day (which was TOTALLY needed since we shared a room). Now he is back to his usual kicking and babbling and hopefully the site will continue to heal quickly. Thanks again to all for your thoughts and prayers for Blake!

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Magen said...

Yeah! I'm so glad that everything went well! He is getting so big! Are you guys coming for a visit this summer? I don't think I have gotten to meet Blake in person.