Thursday, March 5, 2009

NG Tube

For all you Blogstockers out there (you know who you are!) here is the update of our latest hospital visit.....

Wed 02/26 - went to urgent care because Blake was choking frequently.
Wed 02/26 - sent directly to the ER.
Thurs 02/27 - started an ND tube which feeds through the nose, down the throat, past the stomach, directly into the intestine.
Sun 03/03 - moved the ND tube up into the stomach - now called NG tube.
Tues 03/05 - redid swallow study and as we were afraid, Blake aspirated a little bit of everything he ate, so no more oral feeds :(
Wed 03/06 - came home with a brand new NG tube, pump, and a bunch of info.

So, we could have saved another month's rent by staying at our second home! Luckily it looks like we are making progress and starting to get a better picture of what is causing most of the issues. Stay tuned for the update because we will be back in the hospital in about 3 weeks for the surgery for the permanent G tube and Nissen fundoplication!

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Dave and Chelsi said...

As you said before, "What a trooper!" But as far as I'm concerned that applies to all three of you! You are amazing and will be in our prayers! We love you!