Monday, February 2, 2009

Who Needs a House When You Have a Hospital?

Looks like our Not-the-best-week-ever week has turned into a month. These are the times that you can look back at in a few years and think "how did we ever survive that?" Here are a few of the not so high highlights:

* 2 hospital stays for Blake - one with a ride in the ambulance and one that lasted a week
* My dear grandma had a stroke
* Bryan and I both got food poisoning (dang Chipotle)
* We STILL have not heard back on our house so it looks like another month in Hagel
* My work computer broke down
* Several urgent care visits
* Bryan was gone for a week in Columbus (maybe good for him!)
* Our truck broke down
* The Steelers won

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Daniel & Magen said...

I'm SO sorry, Cynthia! Is everything ok with Blake? Koen had a hospital visit last month too...not fun. I hope this month goes better.