Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As part of our Not-The-Best-Week-Ever week, Blake got outfitted with a shiny new helmet today. The technical term is a Doc-Band, but it looks like he either is trying out for little-little league or already cracked his skull. Thankfully neither is true. I guess they are getting to be pretty common, but the purpose is to help his head be more rounded. In Blake's case, he prefers to turn his head to the right, so the goal is to get rid of the flat spot that is forming back there. In about 3-4 months he should be good as new! Below are some before and after pics. It looks less scary when it is all blinged out, so I took a shot at decorating it. Some of them get pretty elaborate but since I am the kind of mom that still has not finished decorating the nursery (yep, 8 months later) I don’t know if it will get much more fancy than this. I do intent to add a big RAWRR on the back, because my bro Brian says that is how you say “I love you” in dino!

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Crystal said...

Doc banded or not he is still so cute!! I am really impressed with your mad doc band decorating skills...seriously. You could start your own business. I miss you tonz!!