Monday, May 5, 2008

It’s a bird...It’s a plane...It’s a BOY??

We definitely need a record of our girl vs. boy saga, so here it goes....

When we went in for our original ultrasound at 21 weeks, we were told by the technician that we were having a girl. Truthfully, I was ecstatic and Bryan was slightly disappointed. But, we were both glad that everything looked right on track for a healthy baby.

Then, on Friday, March 24th (32 weeks) I started having strong contractions just after work. We were busy getting ready for our German friend Heike who was coming up from North Carolina for the weekend. Unfortunately, she arrived just in time to join us on our way to the hospital. They hooked me up to a monitor in triage and sure enough, the contractions were steady and getting stronger. They did a zillion tests and were not able to find anything wrong and after a few shots of Trebutaline, the contractions stopped and we were able to go home at 1:00 am.

The real shocker actually occurred some time around 11:00 pm. Bryan had gone to give Heike a ride back to our apartment so she could rest as we did not know how long we would be in the hospital. The doctor came in to do an ultrasound to check on the baby and asked if me if I knew what we were having. I said in my happy/dreamy voice, "yeah, a little girl" and she paused for a second and said, "ummm, no you’re not!" At first I totally thought she was joking, but then she had me look at the screen and...lo and behold...definitely a boy!! Crazy, I don't know how they missed THAT in the first ultrasound! As Bryan was out, I asked the doc for a print out so that I would have some evidence because I knew that he would not believe me at all. The nurses and I had a blast joking about what Bryan’s reaction was going to be once he got back – we were not disappointed! TOTAL SHOCK.

Well, that actually goes for both of us. It took a few days for it to sink in, but it has been quite hilarious telling people about it and the humor of the situation helped to lessen the stress and worry of having pre-term labor. But, I think if the baby had actually been born that day I would have thought they were trying to send me home with someone else’s child! Not to mention that the poor boy would have been dressed in pink and we would have had to do a mad scramble to come up with a name since we had not even talked about boy names. As it turns out, we are much better prepared and most of the PINK has turned to BLUE over the past few weeks (I am still holding on to a few of my favorite things, “just in case”).

So, I hope this little guy has a sense of humor, because he will probably hear this story several times over the course of his lifetime. I also hope he is not offended that his mom was a little more excited when she thought he was a girl – not that I won’t think he is the greatest once he gets here – it is just the superficial daydreams of sugar and spice and everything nice!

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